1. First of all, I forgot to thank you last week for the feature on ‘Bring Your Dog to Work Day’. The picture of that dog in the sleeveless sweater in front of the computer is wonderful. Where else would he be after driving in to work in a 2015 Subaru? (See ad series on you tube!)

    It is chilling that Jimmy Fallon had an accident with HIS hand just weeks after Enrique Iglesias’ freaky on-stage incident. I’m glad he’s okay. His impressions are so dead-on accurate—especially for singers, right Neil Young?

    Some words should be revived like ‘Brabble’ and ‘Hugger-Mugger’ from the 1500’s. A bartender back then may have said something like “Thee been brabblin’ about in thy bar fer three hours and now yer goin’ ta pay up fer all the whiskey ‘n wine Brandy poured fer ya–fetchin’ round after round, lest ye be arrested, ya ungrateful hugger muggers. Pay now and be gone with ya, outta me bar!!”

    TV Land’s Kim Rosenblum should get a round of applause for stating (with a straight face mind you), that absolutely STUPID, psycho-babble laden load of crap. Did she write that, or was it some other beef-witted moron working there?!

    Look at all the neat stuff that came out in 50 years ago you listed, and that doesn’t even include any of the cars!! When my Dad turned 50 in 1965, everything 50 years ago (1915) looked old fashioned; especially the cars. 1915 stuff was/is charming and wonderful, don’t get me wrong.

    You really can’t say that NOW about 1965. So many of the wonderful things about ’65 including the cars (like the sleek and sexy ’65 Pontiac Le Mans) seem far more modern than what we have now (uptight 4 door rent-a-car sedans, SUV’s & crossovers) compared to the endless variety of what you could get then. They’re safer and more efficient now, granted, but in a lot of ways, ironically, 2015 seems as old fashioned as 1915 when compared with 1965, but in a different ways. Just the right amount of technology that made life easier without the unnecessary junk tech that’s made it harder and much too stressful. That should make you feel better about turning 50!


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