Dog Food No-Nos

Don't let a simple mistake in diet end in an emergency trip to the vet's office.

Dog licking its mouth

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Though dogs are man’s best friend, they shouldn’t eat like your human friends. The foods below may be perfectly good for people but they can be harmful if fed to your dog. Don’t let a simple mistake in diet end in an emergency trip to the vet’s office.



Alcohol is a heart risk for dogs. Keep liquor, beer, wine — and household items containing alcohol, such as mouthwash — out of range.



Chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine. Both can cause rapid heartbeat, seizures, and tremors in dogs.



These contain a chemical that breaks down into a substance that damages the red blood cells of dogs.



Most dough can produce gas, causing a dog’s stomach to become twisted or even torn.



Avocado plants and their fruit contain a toxin that can be harmful to pets.



Grapes, fresh or as raisins, can sometimes cause kidney failure in dogs.



Caffeine is toxic to your dog. So protect your pooch from coffee, tea, and other caffeinated drinks.



If ingested by a dog, this ingredient found in sugar-free gum and candies can cause insulin levels to soar.

Macadamia Nuts


As few as six nuts can cause muscle tremors, weakness, or paralysis.



Bones can get stuck in the esophagus or break into sharp pieces that may cause internal bleeding.

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  1. Incredibly helpful, important article. Thank you for putting it on the website in addition to the magazine. I will no longer give my Boston Terrier steak or ham bones to chew on even though they were big.

    Alcohol and chocolate should be an obvious no-no, but grapes and nuts I had no idea about. You really have to be careful what you leave on the table! That can also include paper money. He was NOT happy about my leaving for work one morning when I held up cash in front of him stating I had to leave to earn “this”.

    Well, that $1 and $5 I put down (will never do that again) were shredded by the time I got home, with some parts even eaten…I found out later. Nothing else was destroyed; he knew exactly what he was doing. So click on the link here, only give your dog pet store approved safe treats, and never leave them alone in a warm, much less hot car, EVER even for a minute.

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