Black Hole

A young poet offers insight into a paradoxical astronomical phenomenon

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Black Hole

A pupil in the eye of stars,

Sits in utter silence as it tugs upon space.

Ancient light warps slowly

Around the hole, curves into a circle.

If we were to fall into it,

We could look up in peace,

As we saw ourselves, and the entire universe

Warp and shrink

Into a window that just floats away

Into blackness.

Engulfed by a power even light can’t escape.

Can you imagine nothing?


It must be quite peaceful.

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  1. Bravo! I love the last four lines and the surprising twist in perspective. I think most people fear the idea of “nothing.” When the speaker assures us, “It must be quite peaceful,” we’re forced to reexamine our notions on beauty, black holes (of course), and possibly death. More poetry in the Post! 🙂


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