News of the Week: Roller Coasters, Ruined Paella, and a Random Rant about the Weather

In this week’s “News of the Week,” discover what fun activity probably doesn’t cure kidney stones, what doesn’t go in paella, what legendary deli is closing down, what meteorologists are doing wrong, what your favorite TV actors are getting paid, and much more.

Roller Coaster

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Roller Coasters Probably Don’t Cure Kidney Stones

That sounds like Mad Libs, doesn’t it? It’s a headline that seems to just throw random nouns and verbs together. It might as well say, “Pickles Can’t Predict the Stock Market,” or, “Using Sun Tan Lotion Won’t Help You Travel Through Time.” (Side note: You should watch the new time-travel drama Timeless Mondays on NBC. Really fun show.)

But using roller coasters to help deal with kidney stones is actually a real thing. It seems that the jostling your body takes while riding on the amusement park rides might actually help you pass the stones. So instead of an operation, maybe your doctor will tell you to ride a roller coaster three times. (Just pray your kidney stones don’t flare up in the middle of winter when the parks are closed.)

Don’t get too excited yet though. As Slate says, this seems to be one of those specific, fun studies that comes up every other week that we really have to take with a grain of salt (which is something that might lead to kidney stones).

Nobody Likes Jamie Oliver’s Paella

Chef Jamie Oliver’s “Recipe of the Day” quickly became “Controversy of the Day” online. He made a paella and had the audacity to add chorizo to it.

Protestors — yes, there are paella protestors — freaked out on social media and called out Oliver for his “abomination.” It seems that “real” paella has to use certain ingredients, such as Spanish rice, chicken, rabbit, and green beans — and chorizo specifically is not one of them. And for the record, no potatoes, peas, or garlic either.

I don’t know, Oliver’s dish looks pretty good to me.

RIP Richard Trentlage and Rod Temperton

Richard Trentlage was responsible for many classic ad jingles over his long career, including “McDonald’s is your kind of place,” The National Safety Council’s “Buckle up for safety, buckle up,” and V8’s “Wow, it sure doesn’t taste like tomato juice.” But he’s probably best known for this little tune:

It was announced this week that Trentlage had died of congestive heart failure on September 21 at the age of 87.

Rod Temperton passed away in London at the age of 66. He wrote many Michael Jackson songs you know, including “Thriller,” “Off The Wall,” and “Rock with You.” He also wrote Heatwave’s “Boogie Nights” and George Benson’s “Give Me the Night” and wrote songs for Aretha Franklin, Donna Summer, and many others.

Goodbye Carnegie Deli

The Carnegie Deli is closing after 79 years.

Owner Marian Harper says that all of the early mornings and late nights have taken their toll, and it’s time to shut the doors. The famous Manhattan restaurant will close at the end of the year.

Sigh. Yet another legendary institution I didn’t get to experience before it closed. Now, if you want to visit a real classic NYC deli, you’ll be going to Katz’s. But Carnegie actually has a restaurant in Las Vegas too, at The Mirage, and that’s going to stay open.

An Open Letter to All of the Meteorologists I Watch Every Day

Dear Meteorologists,

Can you tell me why you think it’s so interesting that one recent day was the first time since April that the morning temperatures were in the 40s? Did you really expect it to be in the 40s in the summer months of June, July, and August? It’s like you’ve just told us it’s the first time it hit the 40s in 10 years. Now that would be an interesting factoid.

It’s the same thing every June. You’ll breathlessly tell us that it’s the first time the temperature has hit 90 in 182 days or something. Can you believe it?! Yes, I actually can because I don’t expect it to be 90 degrees in October, November, December, January, February, or the early spring months.

Sometimes numbers are just numbers, and they don’t make the weather segment any more exciting.

And the Highest Paid Actor on TV is …

Nope, it’s not Kevin Spacey or Mark Harmon or Kerry Washington or Julia Louis-Dreyfus or any of the voice actors on The Simpsons. Guess again. Come on, give it a shot. Never mind, you’ll never guess, but Variety has the list of the highest paid actors on television, along with what talk show hosts, news anchors, and reality show hosts get paid. The top three actors all come from the same show.

The highest-paid person on TV overall? It’s Judge Judy Sheindlin, who makes $47 million a year.

This Week in History:  Peanuts debuts (October 2, 1950)

Charles Schulz drew the strip until the last comic ran on February 12, 2000, just one day after he passed away at the age of 77. Nobody took over for him; the strips you read now are reprints from the past.

Here’s the very first Peanuts comic. That punch line is funny yet also a bit caustic.

This Week in History:  The Dick Van Dyke Show  premieres (October 3, 1961)

This is my favorite comedy of all-time, and this week marked 55 years since it debuted on CBS. It’s amazing how well the show holds up today. And to think that it was almost canceled after the first season because of low ratings.

Here’s a little curio from the early ’60s: Rob and Laura Petrie doing a commercial for Kent cigarettes on the set of the show.

This Week in History: Soviet Union Launches Sputnik I (October 4, 1957)

The launch of the first satellite spurred the United States into action, leading to our own satellites and the creation of NASA.

National Apple Month

October is the month we celebrate Red Delicious, Gala, Fuji, McIntosh, Empire, Pink Lady, and of course the classic Granny Smith. How ’bout them apples?

Here’s a recipe for Rachel Allen’s Irish Apple Cake, and here’s one for Bacon, Cheddar, and Apple Bake. This Applesauce Cake from Betty Crocker is a great fall dessert to try, and if you want to use apples in something other than a dessert or snack, how about some Apple Stuffed Chicken Breasts?

You could even add some apples to your paella if you want. Just don’t tell anyone on social media about it.

Next Week’s Holidays and Events

Presidential Debate (October 9)

The second debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, will air on many stations starting at 9 p.m. Except for NBC, which is showing the Giants/Packers football game.

Columbus Day (October 10)

Or, if you’re in Denver, you can celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

Canadian Thanksgiving (October 10)

Yup, they have Thanksgiving too.


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  1. Interesting (albeit kinda weird) story about roller coasters and kidney stones. If it works for people that have that “issue”, than it works! The rather tame Big Thunder Mountain at Disneyland is just my speed—-really fast with some twists, but not very high, so there aren’t the steep lows I don’t care for. Of course, nothing’s steeper than the admission prices. That would be $105 per person now. How high DO prices have to get before Pinocchio’s nose goes limp?!

    Thanks for including the Oscar Mayer ad! Both of these men were very gifted in their talents. It’s good they wrote and composed when they did because the ad and music industry today wouldn’t appreciate them, as we know all too well.

    Unfortunately Bob, I HAVE had to learn to expect 90+ degree heat out here in all the months you mentioned. Today it was 96. The leaves ARE stating to fall, but with fewer lawns to fall on. It should be cooler in December and January. Dear God, I’ll live with the baking but please no shaking! Okay—some occasional 4’s to relieve the pressure. It may sound bad, but is a good thing.

    I never knew Kent was the sponsor of The Dick Van Dyke Show. I DETEST smoking Bob, but somehow love these commercials—such a hypocrite here. My all time favorite sitcom is The Mary Tyler Moore Show, especially seasons 4-7. Mary just got more beautiful (and sexy) during those years, and the show got funnier too!


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