Cartoons: Rivets the Dog

Whether he’s causing havoc on a Naval vessel or exasperating his family at home, you’ll love the antics of Rivets the dog.

Dog chews though neck ties

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Cartoonist George Sixta got the idea for Rivets the dog during his stint in the Navy, where he worked in the public relations office. Rivets was inspired by the canine mascots that travelled on many warships during World War II. The first Rivets cartoon appeared in the Post in 1944 and was syndicated in newspapers for more than 30 years. Here are some of our favorites.


Sailors admiring a penguin on deck. A jealous dog attempts to act like a penguin.
December 2, 1944



A dog is hung on the wall by his collar while shipmates mop the deck.
January 6, 1945



A dog admires his reflection in the mirror.
January 4, 1947



A dog chews clothes while his owner is sleeping in a nearby chair
December 25, 1948



A dog attempts to tear the shirt off of a boy
December 31, 1949



Father and son grab some breakfast beforethey head out to work and school. Their dog eats a bit of breakfast from his dog bowl before heading to sleep.
January 6, 1951


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