The Nude Look Takes Over: 50 Years Ago

Fifty years ago, the Post featured bathing suits with low backs and cut-outs that were considered slightly scandalous.

Woman in bathing suit

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American media struggled throughout the 1960s to keep up with changing fashions, entertainment, and morals. Magazines worked especially hard to appear hip and trendy.

In 1963, the Post came up with a hot idea with perennial appeal. Why not do a cover story on women’s swimsuits? The idea was so good that the next year Sports Illustrated borrowed it and made it an annual event. (You’re welcome, SI).

In 1967, the Post returned to the swimsuit theme. Its June 3 issue featured a photo of a leggy model in a brightly colored suit with large, geometric cut-outs, next to a headline that declared, “The Nude Look.”

How could it miss?

The Nude Look, with or without capitals, had been introduced in Paris the previous year. Yves Saint Laurent showed sheer, revealing dresses that gave strong hints about the figure inside. The dresses made many women uncomfortable, but Women’s Wear Daily reported that they were wearing them anyway out of fear of being thought unfashionable.

The Nude Look might not have worked for women, but it worked for magazine circulation. This issue, with its attention-grabbing cover, sold 20,000 copies more than the issue before it.


Click to view the pictorial, “The Nude Look Takes Over: Exposed ’67,” from the June 3, 1967, issue of the Post.

Featured image: Photo by Ron Harris for the pictorial, “The Nude Look Takes Over: Exposed ’67,” from the June 3, 1967, issue of the Post.

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  1. I first subscribed to Saturday Evening Post about a year ago in hopes of nostalgia from an earlier era, not for seeing how proud you are to show off skimpy bathing suits, This, along with your generally overly liberal outlook on the world has caused me to not renew that subscription.

  2. Thanks Jeff for this sexy, pictorial feature. I like the Exposed ’67 tagline too as a play on Expo ’67.

    The editors of the POST then once again were ahead of the curve (and LIFE and Look) with cutting-edge features and covers like this. I really hope that the living members of the POST staff from that time are enjoying the appreciation today’s POST editors have for them, and their era’s issues—–and that they’re subscribers now, loving today’s POST!

    Just out of curiosity, are any of them ever in touch with you guys? I’d like to think so.


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