Post Travels: Below the Surface of the Beautiful Galápagos

To truly appreciate the Galápagos Islands, you have to go underwater. This video gives you a great idea of the surprises you’ll find there.


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A typical day in the Galápagos islands is anything but typical. As Saturday Evening Post editorial director Steven Slon wrote in The Bleak and Beautiful Galápagos, “the islands actually are extraordinarily beautiful — a beauty that stems in part from being unspoiled by man.”

From dancing blue-footed boobies to scuttling Sally Lightfoot crabs, at every turn, Mother Nature seems to be staging a flawless performance. But the best way to get close to the stars of the show, the Galápagos A-listers if you will, is to get below the surface.

Sailing with Metropolitan Touring, I spent a large amount of my time in the islands snorkeling with animals that have no fear of humans. Every time I put on a snorkel and mask, I was more dazzled by the marine wildlife that swam along and said hello. As highlights from my time underwater show, it always more fun swimming with a buddy.

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