1. Now Bob, you’re NOT an ‘old fogey’ at all; that’s ridiculous—so stop it. When it comes to music you prefer fine dining over what’s in the trash bin out back, that’s all.

    So the Eagles have reclaimed the best selling album of all time title again, for now. I got to see them in 1980 at the Inglewood Forum for $35. More recently I saw ‘The Long Run’ Eagles tribute group at the El Portal—for $35. They’re excellent I might add, and recommend seeing them if they come to a town near you.

    The Marvelette’s version of “Please Mr. Postman” is really good with its ties to Doo-Wop. Love the link of these classy, nice looking Motown ladies. The Beatles version was okay. The 3rd time was really the charm with Carpenters version, featuring Karen’s beautiful voice and that sexy sax solo Bob.

    I love the new box for Barnum’s Animal Crackers with their being freed from the cages (long overdue) while retaining the distinctive traditional look and artwork.

    Thanks for the Leyendecker cover from 1914. The boy getting a drink is wearing millennial style boots and his hair up. Adding the bow nowadays would be a great idea. Why not?


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