Cartoons: Boxing Banter

These ringside wisecracks will knock you out!

A manager pleads his boxer to actually fight during a match.

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Custodian throws a bucket of cold water on an unconscious boxer.
“We are the bearers of ill tidings!”
Irwin Caplan
October 19, 1946



A man complains to his date that a boxer is knocked-out so soon during a match.
“Oh, damn – now we have the whole evening on our hands!”
Mary Gibson
October 5, 1946



A referee talks to a beaten boxer's managers as they tend to his injuries.
“Kid Biff wants to know can Slugger come out and play some more?”
Adolph Schus
November 2, 1946



A boxer's manager talks to him as his wounds are being tended to.
“Maybe you’d better summon your reserve strength.”
Chon Day
May 1, 1948



A boxing trainer scolds his client as the amateur boxer cowers in fear.
“Oh come now, Mr. Weems – I don’t even have my gloves on yet!”
Salo Roth
March 27, 1948



A manager pleads his boxer to actually fight during a match.
“Next time he hits you – hit him back!”
George Wolfe
February 19, 1944


A boxer grimaces in pain as his opponent shakes his hand.
Jack Tippit
February 11, 1961


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