Bark Madness

Who's the Post's Top Dog?

Kids holding a dog show in a backyard
(© SEPS)

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One of the common themes in Saturday Evening Post history is dogs. And to celebrate our Dogs special issue, we wanted to give you the chance to vote for your favorite pup in Saturday Evening Post history.

A tournament bracket

To vote, follow us on Instagram and click on the Stories feature. May the best doggo win!


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  1. This looks like an enjoyable, interactive feature I’d like to participate in. Unfortunately my attempts to obtain an Instagram account have failed. My colleagues and others that love dogs I’ve shown this to have also been unsuccessful. Since this is a Saturday Evening Post feature, would you please make this available on this site?

    I’m sure the responses will be great once you do, as it would appear the Instagram only access is likely a widespread problem for many. I’m looking forward to seeing all the dog pictures here soon.


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