From the Pharmacy: Smart Tips for Storing Drugs

These safe storage tips will ensure your medications can do their job.


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Prescription and over-the-counter medicines may start to degrade when exposed to excess heat, cold, light, or humidity. Keep drugs safe and effective with these storage tips:

  • Don’t leave drugs in cars that can become scorching or frigid in minutes. Pick up prescriptions on your way home.
  • Ship overnight so mail- order drugs spend less time in a hot or cold mailbox. Carry on. When flying, keep medications with you. Checked bags can overheat or freeze in the cargo hold.
  • Use original packaging. Colored vials protect from UV light, and blister packs protect from humidity.
  • Avoid bathroom cabinets due to high humidity and temperatures. A better choice is a kitchen cabinet away from the stove and refrigerator.

If pills that get hot or cold appear changed in any way, ask your pharmacist if you need a new prescription.

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