July/August 2019 Limerick Laughs Winner and Runners-up

Read all the limericks from our latest contest winner and runners-up and enter next month's limerick challenge!

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Said Jill to her sister, “Come here!”
Ann answered, “I know what you hear.
And you better beware,
’Cause the ocean’s in there,
And a shark just might bite off your ear!”

Congratulations to Jan Sasek of Antelope, California, who won $25 for this fun limerick describing the John Falter’s July 21, 1956, cover illustration.

If you’d like to enter the Limerick Laughs Contest for our upcoming issue, submit your limerick via our online entry form.

Here are some of our other favorite limericks from this contest, in no particular order:

Say, why is the boy so wide-eyed? It
Is clear that he’s thrilled and excited.
The conch is too small
To hold much, after all,
So how did the sea get inside it?
—Robert Schechter, Dix Hills, New York

Joe was known for his practical jokes,
Often fooling his neighbors and folks.
Grandkids didn’t know
Why music played low:
The shell had a radio — hoax!
—Mitch Cohen, Cranston, Rhode Island

Put this to your ear for a minute.
There’s magic inside deep within it.
Relax. Close your eyes.
There’s a giant surprise
When you hear that the ocean is in it!
—Maxine Babalis, Salt Lake City, Utah

That incomparable Grandpa of ours
Keeps the kiddos engaged — and my stars
How incredibly deft
To repel, on his left,
A combative invader from Mars!
—Jeff Foster, San Francisco, California

She listened to sounds from the shell
And heard what it had to tell.
She had it so near
To her curious ear,
But it didn’t compare to her cell.
—George McCammon, Fallbrook, California

This is a high-tech shell.
The ocean sounds clear as a bell.
I’d be grateful, Cap,
If you’d give me the app
Or the Atlantic’s URL.
—Gene Newman, Parsippany, New Jersey

“They say they are going to land
Their spaceship tonight on the sand,
And unless we have pie
With ice cream, we’ll die.
So we’d better obey their command.”
—Mary Otis, Levittown, New York

She was curious what she would hear
As she held the seashell to her ear.
Then with wide open eyes
She exclaimed with surprise,
“I think there’s an ocean in here!”
—Ralph Taylor, Ogden, Utah

At the beach, he had finished a sweep
And returned with a conch from the heap.
They had asked for a toy
That they both could enjoy,
But they knew that their father was cheap.
—Ryan Tilley, Longwood, Florida

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