5-Minute Fitness: Be Nice to Your Neck

Between using our phones and watching our step, our poor necks take a serious beating, but this helpful stretch just might remedy that.


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Dial back neck and posture problems. “Using handheld devices and computers has caused us to develop rounded shoulders and forward heads.  And, older folks tend to look down more to watch their steps and lose trunk strength, leading to similar changes,” says Arizona-based physical therapist and ATI Physical Therapy clinic director Eric Shifley.

Neck Soothers

Man doing a neck exercise
(Courtesy ATI Physical Therapy)
  1. Hold each stretch 5-10 seconds and repeat daily. 1 Stand or sit with chin tucked to chest and chest elevated. Lower ear toward one shoulder (keep ear lined up with shoulder — no forward head postures). Repeat to other side.
  2. Stand or sit tall. Gently pull back of head toward one armpit as shown. Repeat to other side.
  3. Stand or sit with hands clasped together in front of chest. Look downward, reaching forward with hands.
  4. Stand tall facing corner with hands on walls about shoulder height and outside shoulder width. Lean forward, squeezing shoulder blades together, and slide hands down wall toward waist.

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