5-Minute Fitness: Peaceful Warrior Pose

Try this simple yoga exercise that you can perform at home.

Women unrolling yoga mats

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This yoga move lengthens the side of the waist while activating the entire core. “The side body is often neglected in fitness, and this beautiful expression helps with full body balance, strength, flexibility, and mobility,” says Elise Joan, Beachbody Super Trainer and creator of Barre Blend.

Fitness trainer demonstrating the "peaceful warrior" pose.
(Beach Body Barre Blend)

Peaceful Warrior

  1. Stand facing long edge of yoga mat with arms out at shoulder height and toes of both feet angling to the right short edge.
  2. Step right leg forward, bending knee over ankle about 90 degrees (depending on hip mobility).
  3. Reach right arm up and back over head. Be sure to take a side stretch, not a back bend.
  4. Rest left arm gently on outer left leg.
  5. Repeat on other side with toes angling to the left short edge of mat.

Repetitions: Work up to 2 sets, 3 times weekly.

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