Ask the Vet: No Bread Dough for Bandit

Learn why bread dough is bad for your dog's health.

Border Collie eyeing food on a picnic table
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Question: Our dog Bandit stole some fresh bread dough right off the kitchen counter. I didn’t think it was a problem until he started vomiting. What caused this reaction?

Answer: The raw yeast in bread dough causes two problems in dogs, each of which is potentially fatal. First, dough expands in a dog’s warm stomach, causing abdominal pain, retching, and bloat — and sometimes breathing problems and stomach rupture, either of which can be fatal. In addition, the yeast ferments in the stomach, releasing alcohol that causes alcohol poisoning, characterized by disorientation, with possible coma and death. So, if you must leave the kitchen while you’re baking or cooking, move food to a spot your dog can’t reach.

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Featured image: danceswithwords /Shutterstock

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  1. This is life-saving information every pet parent should be aware of. I first read the article in the magazine, but am glad it’s featured here now also. On a related note, I saw an online ad about ending pet obesity. The vast majority don’t realize their dog or cat is overweight, should be checked out by their vet and proceed accordingly after.


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