November/December 2020 Limerick Laughs Winner and Runners-up

Enjoy the winning poems from our November/December 2020 limerick contest

A black terrier in the snow

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An intruder had stood on our lawn,
But brave Buster attacked him at dawn,
Leaving only a trace
Of its snow on his face,
And the snowman we’d made was now gone.

Congratulations to Ken Morgan of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, who won $25 for this fun limerick describing the W.W. Calvert cover illustration from our January 30, 1943, issue.

If you’d like to enter the Limerick Laughs Contest for our upcoming issue, submit your limerick via our online entry form.

Here are some of our other favorite limericks from this contest, in no particular order:

There once was a dog named Louise
Who fought the good fight with her fleas.
She cried and she cried
Till Mom let her outside.
Her hope was the suckers would freeze.
—Wendy Hyrkas, De Pere, Wisconsin

I’ve been patiently waiting for years,
As the Iditarod finally nears.
If I’m not out ahead
As I pull on the sled,
Then all I’ll be seeing is rears.
—C.T. Carney, Knoxville, Tennessee

It’s easy for him to be gay;
His coat covers him all the way.
For me , not so much.
Snow is freezing to touch,
But those eyes are just begging to play.
—Patricia Thornton, Montgomery, Alabama

He fancied there must be a reason
For cold toes this wintery season.
After warming them up,
This lovable pup
Said this white stuff is wet and it’s freezin’.
—Richard Arnold, Bay City, Michigan

Yes, everyone knows how it goes:
This pepp’ry pup loves when it snows!
The rompin’ begins,
And Lord, how he spins
When the snowflakes, they get up his nose!
—Tim Potochnik, Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Not now when I’m having such fun!
I want to stay outside and run.
I’m not ready yet
To go to the vet.
Surely it can wait till I’m done.
—Richard Howard, Gainesville, Florida

2020, oh my, what a year!
Confusion was felt everywhere.
But my Scottie reminds me
That joy always finds me
And that pausing for fun keeps hope near!
—Deborah McCarthy, South Pasadena, Florida

Now that Scottie’s escaped from his carrier,
His Christmas just couldn’t be merrier.
Digging deep into snow,
Oh how far can he go
Till he looks like a West Highland Terrier!
—Ann Crick, Islip, New York

This dog seems like he is nice,
But I beg of you, take this advice:
Don’t trust his big eyes.
You may think it’s all lies,
But he’s bitten the mailman. Twice.
—Gigi Notario, Longmony, Colorado

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