Ask the Vet: My Cat Is Going Bald!

Should you worry about your cat's hair loss?

Cat own holding a clump of fur that fell off of their feline friend.
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Question: Dotty, my middle-aged calico cat, is losing the hair between her eyes and ears. It doesn’t seem to bother her, and her coat is thick everywhere else. What is causing this?

Answer: Dotty may have feline pattern baldness, or preauricular alopecia —    thinning of the hair between the ears and the eyes — which is a fairly common condition in cats. Other than having sparse hair in the affected areas, cats with this condition look normal. They don’t scratch or rub, the skin isn’t red or bumpy, and the hair doesn’t fall out easily when tugged. If Dotty does develop any of these signs, talk to her veterinarian. If not, wait until her next wellness exam to ask about her sparse facial hair.

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Featured image: Doucefleur / Shutterstock

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