The Logophile: A Charitable Gift

Keep calm and solve these word teasers.

A jar full of pennies marked "charity"
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  1. The charity ________________ funds to seven nonprofits.
    1. disbursed
    2. dispersed
  2. A matutinal gift would be given
    1. to a mother.
    2. to an elderly person.
    3. in the morning.
  3. Stuart likes CALMNESS but not STILLNESS, DEFENSE but not OFFENSE, and RESPIGHI but not STRAVINSKY. What does Stuart like?


  1. a
  2. c
  3. Stuart prefers words that, like his own name, contain three consecutive letters that are also consecutive letters in the alphabet.

—Andy Hollandbeck is the Post’s copy editor and managing editor

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Featured image: Lemon Tree Images / Shutterstock

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