January/February 2021 Limerick Laughs Winner and Runners-up

Henry Hintermeister Valentine's Day CG cover

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Sally was shocked at the notion
She’d wasted her love and emotion
On someone so silly
As ten-timing Billy.
“I’m only one drop in an ocean!”

Congratulations to Michael Chanatry of Centerville, Ohio, who won $25 for his fun limerick describing this cover illustration by Henry Hintermeister from the February 1938 issue of Country Gentleman.

If you’d like to enter the Limerick Laughs Contest for our upcoming issue, submit your limerick via our online entry form.

Here are some of our other favorite limericks from this contest, in no particular order:

Little Missy believed it was true
That her life was a rom-com debut,
But since she could infer
All those hearts weren’t for her,
Then this must be the start of Act Two!
—Lance Burri, Baraboo, Wisconsin

When a girl has a crush on a guy,
And her hopes for his kisses run high,
She’d better be certain
He’s not out there flirtin’
With all of her rivals nearby.
—Lida Bushloper, Sierra Madre, California

The agent has staked her location
For the Valentine’s sting operation.
She’s taking this scamp down
As part of a clampdown
On chocolates in mass circulation.
—Jeff Foster, San Francisco, California

There once was a fellow named Earl
Who couldn’t be tied to one girl.
Too bad he concealed
He was playing the field,
’Cause he sure gave a shock to young Pearl.
—Wendy Hyrkas, De Pere, Wisconsin

The rosy cheeked girl was stewing!
What was this her heartthrob was doing?
Was his valentine true
When he wrote “I love you”?
How many more girls was he wooing?
—Craig Mathie, Monroe, Utah

A bold little fellow named Randy
Mailed an arm full of Valentine candy.
Taking no chances,
He conducted romances
With every sweet girl who was handy.
—Dennis Rhodes

Knowing Jimmy was playing the field,
Kathy gathered a snowball to wield.
“Your secret’s been outed!”
She jumped up and shouted,
“And I’m gonna make sure it’s revealed!”
—Jan Sasek, Antelope, California

After spotting the new love she found,
She suspiciously ducked to the ground.
“I’ve just his card to post
While he’s making the most
Of mailing his love all around!”
—Andrew Rozycki, Bunnell, Florida

His love list was long and protracted;
Her tentative hope was impacted.
His mail so profuse
Made hers of no use,
And her formerly large heart? He cracked it.
—Erika Mailman, El Dorado Hills, California

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