The Logophile: Winter Word Games

In this edition of Logophile, we find out a bit about Lenny and play with some U.S. geography.

Dictionary next to a candle and a winter scarf

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  1. Jane passed Lenny a breath mint, trying to be
    1. discrete.
    2. discreet.
  2. They call him Lentiginous Lenny because he
    1. has freckles.
    2. wears glasses.
    3. walks slowly.
  3. Spell a U.S. state’s name using only the letters in the given word, but repeating letters as needed. (Example: nets becomes Tennessee)
    1. loins
    2. balm
    3. snark
    4. mustache


  1. b
  2. a
  3. With these words you can get the following states
    1. Illinois
    2. Alabama
    3. Arkansas
    4. Massachusetts

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