Reappraising Jackie Kennedy

In 1962, a Post reporter shared her impression of the First Lady on her trip to India.

Jackie Kennedy
(© SEPS)

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In 1962, the first lady made a goodwill trip to India without her charismatic husband, revealing her strong individual presence and regal character when she stepped out from JFK’s shadow.

I went along on Jackie’s two-week trip abroad. Part of the time she had seemed to me very much like a queen. As she walked through the Vatican for her audience with the pope, or listened to “The Star-Spangled Banner” in India or Pakistan, her shoulders were back, her eyes were straight forward, and her face was composed with only a slight smile; her dignity and reserve were indeed queenly. Reporters who had always called her “Jackie” suddenly found themselves calling her “Mrs. Kennedy.”

—“An Exclusive Chat with Jackie Kennedy” by Joan Braden, May 12, 1962

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Featured image: Jackie Kennedy by Norman Rockwell (© SEPS)

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  1. I read the full feature by Joan Braden. This was a real ‘get’ for The Saturday Evening Post at the time of this unique visit. I could tell Jackie was very comfortable speaking with Joan, and knew she could trust her. The article is so well written and natural, the reader almost feels like they’re on the trip too, even if reading about it 60 years later.


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