5-Minute Fitness: Arm and Shoulder Toners

Target muscles in the front, side, and back of your shoulders with this anti-aging arm exercise. All you need is a pair of hand weights.


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Arm and Shoulder Toner

1 Stand tall with dumbbells in your hands and arms by your sides.

2 Raise arms straight in front of you, lifting weights to shoulder height.

3 Pull shoulders and arms back, bending elbows to 90-degrees with forearms parallel to the floor and palms facing down.

4 Without moving elbows, raise forearms perpendicular to floor with palms now facing forward.

5 Press weights overhead, extending arms. Slowly reverse these steps to lower dumbbells back to starting position.

Gradually work up to five repetitions every other day. Too hard? Skip the hand weights until you are stronger.

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