News of the Week: Amelia Earhart, Bowling Memories, and the Wonderful World of the Tater Tot

In the news of the week ending February 2, 2024, are burritos, bowling, and buffalo chicken totchos.

Amelia Earhart (Shutterstock)

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Has the Amelia Earhart Mystery Been Solved (Again)?

Maybe! Possibly! Probably not. But maybe!

They’re still looking for Earhart’s plane, 87 years after she and her navigator Fred Noonan vanished. There have been a lot of theories the past several years. Theories and sightings and possible solutions. But now explorers with a company called Deep Sea Vision think they’ve found the plane, 16,000 feet down on the floor of the Pacific Ocean, and they have a photo.

Yes, the photo is grainy (it’s a sonar image), but it does indeed have the shape of an old airplane (Earhart’s was a Lockheed 10-E Electra). Of course, how many planes could have gone down there in the past eight-plus decades? Does it have the shape of her plane or does it more resemble something from later, perhaps World War II? Would it even still be intact after all these years?

The group plans to go back later this year to investigate further.

Season’s Meatings

Did you know that, along with baseball season, the Christmas season, and fashion season, there’s also a burrito season? According to Chipotle, it runs from March to May, and they’re hiring 19,000 workers for it.

Random Fact That Made Me Think of Something I Haven’t Thought About in Years

I used to really love bowling, but I haven’t gone since I was in my early twenties. The other day I remembered that they used to show professional bowling on ABC every weekend, and oddly enough it started 62 years ago this week, January 27. This may sound peculiar or quaint to some people, bowling on a major broadcast network, but please note they show poker on ESPN, and there’s now an entire channel devoted to pickleball.

They don’t show bowling that much anymore, but it got me thinking about it again. If I can find someone to go with me, I’m going to try bowling again. I always loved the shirts.

Headline of the Week

“Doctor’s Reveal What Happens to Your Brain After You Turn 50”

RIP Chita Rivera, Melanie, Rod Holcomb, Brian McConnachie, N. Scott Momaday, and Marlena Shaw

Chita Rivera was the dancing and singing icon who starred in several Broadway classics, including West Side StoryBye Bye BirdieGuys and DollsChicagoAll That Jazz, and Kiss of the Spider Woman. She died Tuesday at the age of 91.

Melanie – full name Melanie Safka – was known for such songs as “Brand New Key” and “(Lay Down) Candles in the Rain.” She played at Woodstock. She died last week at the age of 76.

Uploaded to YouTube by LegacyRecordingsVEVO

Rod Holcomb was the Emmy-winning director of such TV shows as LostThe West Wing, and The Good Wife, as well as the pilot episodes of ERWiseguyThe Equalizer, and The Six Million Dollar Man. He died last week at the age of 80.

Brian McConnachie wrote for such shows as Saturday Night LiveSCTVShining Time Station, and The Simpsons, and was one of the original staff writers for The National Lampoon. He also appeared in Caddyshack and several Woody Allen movies. He died earlier this month at the age of 81.

Scott Momaday was the first Native American writer to win the Pulitzer Prize. He died last week at the age of 89.

Marlena Shaw was a jazz and R&B singer known for such songs as “California Soul” (which has been sampled by many artists) and “Mercy Mercy Mercy.” She died earlier this month at the age of 84.

This Week in History

Jackson Pollock Born (January 28, 1912)

Last year a lost Pollock painting was found, and it had a “Happy Birthday” message to a famous Hollywood actress.

First Oxford English Dictionary Published (February 1, 1884)

It was 352 pages long and sold only 4,000 copies. It’s not printed anymore, but they have an extensive site.

This Week in Saturday Evening Post History: “Bowling a Strike” (January 28, 1950)

When I did go bowling, it was never with the big bowling balls. In New England we have candlepin bowling, which is played with smaller balls and thinner pins.

Sunday is Tater Tot Day

I haven’t had Tater Tots in years, but much like bowling I want to try them again.

Taste of Home has a classic Tater Tot Casserole. All Recipes has Buffalo Chicken Totchos (tot nachos!), while Delish has a Tater Tot Grilled Cheese. And to go with that sandwich you can even make a Tater Tot Soup, courtesy of the Instant Pot site.

There’s even a whole book of recipes by Dan Whalen titled Tots! 

Next Week’s Holidays and Events

Norman Rockwell Born (February 3)

Here’s a 1959 Person to Person interview with Norman Rockwell in his Stockbridge, Massachusetts studio.

Uploaded to YouTube by Alan Eichler

Presidential Primaries and Caucuses (February 3-8)

On the 3rd, South Carolina will have their Democratic primary. On the 6th, Nevada will have theirs. And on the 8th, Nevada and the U.S. Virgin Islands hold their Republican caucuses.

Grammy Awards (February 4)

The 66th annual ceremony airs on CBS at 8 p.m. ET, and I bet I don’t know any of the songs or artists. Okay, maybe Taylor Swift.


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  1. Mmmm, Tater Tots sound perfect to me, too. One baking pan for those, and another for the fish sticks. Both dipped in ketchup, of course. I seriously doubt the Amelia Earhart mystery will ever be solved. Good luck to those that keep on trying, though.

    Norman Rockwell may have ‘out-Pollocked’ Pollock with his ‘Art Connoisseur’ cover in 1962! It might look like anybody could do that, but it’s a lot more difficult. Nowadays with AI and other computer crutches, a lot more could, but ONLY for that reason, which is cheating.

    Great George Hughes cover here. Yeah, I’ve only played with the big bowling balls too, but the New England candlepin version sounds good too. It’s been several years (2019), so time to re-start playing again. I really enjoy it. With horrible weather coast to coast, that idea will have to be iced awhile longer. Happy 130th Birthday TODAY, Norman Rockwell!

  2. CT and the mid-Atlantic states also have duckpin bowling. Like 10 pin but with balls slightly larger than candlepin bowling balls. The pins look like miniature 10 pin bowling pins. It is fun.

    Tater tots are being served in many of the bars and restaurants I have been in. Some serve them as a basket or bowl of tots you can enjoy with your beer (though you have to pay for the tots). Not the healthiest of snacks but they do taste good.


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