News of the Week: Endless Shrimp, Grandma McFlurry, and Cassette Tapes Are Popular Again

In the news of the week ending May 24, 2024, are seafood sorrows, smellmaxxing, and a senior spin on the McFlurry.


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Red Lobster

Turns out that offering all-you-can-eat-shrimp isn’t a great idea after all.

Personally, I think eating any shrimp is a bad idea. I had to peel and devein them when I worked at a restaurant and … they’re just gross. Shrimp are gross!

Kids These Days

I started to wear cologne when I was around 15 or so. Paul Sebastian. Still one of my favorite scents.

But I wasn’t obsessed with cologne. I didn’t try to collect the trendiest scents, and I certainly wouldn’t have paid over $50 for a bottle.

But this is 2024, and it’s all about smellmaxxing. Yes, the word my spell check doesn’t recognize is now a thing. Teen guys are spending (or getting their parents to spend) $100, $150, and sometimes more on trendy bottles of cologne. They’re using words like “atomizer” and “sillage” and “honey notes.” They are maximizing their smells.

I guess this trend is better than what these kids could be into, like shoving Doritos up their nose or whatever social media viral challenge is happening right now.

(Note: please do not shove Doritos up your nose.)

You know what else younger people are into? Cassette tapes! Just like I did when I was young, people are listening to music on cassette and even making mix tapes. Cassette sales are up, and even Taylor Swift is releasing new music on them. Meanwhile, it has been 25 years since I’ve even owned a receiver, cassette player, or turntable (everything is on the laptop now).

I just hope they learn how to use a pencil when there’s a problem with the cassette tape. Also, I hope they know what a pencil is.

Kids Those Days

In February of 1947, 10-year-old Richard Allen of San Francisco left home with $20 in his pocket. That must be, what, around $40,000 in 2024?

Googling …. okay, it would be $285. But still! Imagine being 10 in 1947 and having $20. Think of all of the movies you could go to, all the candy you could eat, all the comic books you could buy. That’s exactly what Allen did, and the story recently went viral. Did he really just love movies that much? Or was there another reason he didn’t go home? Where were his parents?

Now his daughter Denise has come forward to give some more background on her father, who died in 2021. He went on to have a terrific life and was really loved by everyone, which is the best ending for these types of stories.

Grandma McFlurry

Equal time for the older set: McDonald’s has a new dessert called the Grandma McFlurry. What does it taste like? Old knitting needles and Ensure.

Actually, the company says it’s “sweet – just like grandma – and features a delicious syrup and chopped, crunchy candy pieces (like grandma’s favorite treat that she hid in her purse).”

I’m still not sure what it tastes like.

It’s a limited edition, while supplies last. Just like grandma!

RIP Dabney Coleman, Alice Stewart, Ivan Boesky, Dolores Rosedale, and Barbara Fuller

Dabney Coleman had a long career in both movies and TV. He appeared in films like 9 to 5TootsieWar GamesYou’ve Got MailMidway, and On Golden Pond, and in shows like The GuardianBoardwalk EmpireNaked CityBen CaseyThe Outer Limits, and Yellowstone. He died last week at the age of 92.

Alice Stewart was a political consultant and a commentator on CNN. She died Saturday at the age of 58.

Ivan Boesky made headlines in the 1980s for his part in the insider-trading scandals. He was one of the inspirations for the Gordon Gekko character in Wall Street. He died Monday at the age of 87.

Dolores Rosedale – also known as Roxanne – was Bud Collyer’s assistant on the early ’50s version of Beat the Clock. She was so popular she had her own doll. She also appeared in The Seven Year Itch. She died earlier this month at the age of 95.

Barbara Fuller was an actress who made several movies for Republic Pictures and appeared on the radio show One Man’s Family. On TV she was seen on The Adventures of SupermanPerry MasonLassie, and My Three Sons. She died last week at the age of 102.

This Week in History

Laurence Olivier Born (May 22, 1907)

It’s easy to forget just how long Oliver’s acting career was – on stage, screen, and television from 1924 until 1989 – and how many honors he received.

“Mary Had a Little Lamb” First Published (May 24, 1830)

It was first published in Boston as a poem by Sarah Josepha Hale, and yes, there really was a Mary and there really was a lamb.

This Week in Saturday Evening Post History: Canned Pineapple (May 22, 1954)

That’s lamb cooking on that grill. I hope that’s not insensitive.

Memorial Day Recipes

This weekend is the unofficial kickoff of both the summer and grilling seasons (also bug season).

Let’s start off with some burgers, like Curtis Stone’s BBQ Turkey Burgers with Homemade Pickles and these Sweet Hawaiian Mini Burgers from the Beef Checkoff. And how about Smitten Kitchen’s Not Your Mama’s Coleslaw or the World’s Best Potato Salad from All Recipes? And you can’t forget the Grilled Corn with Flavored Butters from Food Network.

Dessert? Try the Mini S’Mores or these Picnic Bars from Taste of Home.

Next Week’s Holidays and Events

French Open Begins (May 26)

Tennis Channel will have full coverage of the tournament that’s also called Roland Garros. Here’s why.

Indianapolis 500 (May 26)

It’s the 108th running. And yes, they do call it “running.”

Paper Airplane Day (May 26)

I’ve never made a paper airplane.

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  1. ‘Smellmaxxing’ of course is coming from TikTok which is why teen boys are into it. Didn’t it used to be expen$$ive designer sports shoes? What they really need are decent haircuts. They all have these really ugly ‘sheepdog’ haircuts completely covering their foreheads and eyes. They look like bad wigs, but sadly go with these crappy times.

    At least when I was that age, long hair meant just that. But on the scents, I’m surprised we’re not hearing about them being hospitalized from consuming them. Isn’t this the age group that was consuming Tide pods? No. These have to be younger. At least some are making an attempt to smell nice. If the parents are maxxing-out their credit cards though, which they are, then oh well. (I’d never do it; are you kidding me?!)

    Since today’s my b-day, I’m running low on Eternity. Cool Water and Joop come in a close 2nd and 3rd. It HAS to be the real thing. The nose knows the knock-off scents don’t last very long, or have the quality to begin with. I’ll check online and get over to the department stores.

    Dabney Coleman was always great, and I hadn’t been familiar with Delores Rosedale before. Thanks for the ‘Beat The Clock’ link. A nice time travel back to early 50’s TV. Wonderful pineapple ad too, showing it’s versatility.


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