Anita Parkhurst Willcox (1892-1984) was a commercial artist from 1910-1920. She specialized in creating images of beautiful and fashionable young women. These women would appear in her work for magazines like The Saturday Evening Post and Collier’s. In the 1930s she gave up commercial art to work on projects that focused more on social justice and world peace.

Willcox drew political caricatures and posters for organizations like the League of Industrial Democracy. Her family opened the first interracial cooperative community in 1949, and in 2010 it became a National Historic Monument.
After a trip to Beijing to represent the Quakers at the Asia and Pacific Rim Peace Conference, the United States government considered Willcox and her husband to be communists, and their passports were confiscated. Their passports were eventually returned and the pair continued traveling around the world.

Willcox created five covers for The Saturday Evening Post.

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