Jack Welch (1905-1985) was an illustrator and a member of the Society of Illustrators. Welch specialized in painting funny and heartwarming family scenes that were popular with Saturday Evening Post readers. He also illustrated advertisements for companies such as Keds, Carnation, and Jell-O. Welch created seven covers for The Saturday Evening Post.

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Some years ago, Frank Kilker, an associate art editor, heard artists complaining about a fellow named Jack Welch, of Valhalla, New York, who worked for an advertising agency. Welch did sketches of proposed illustrations, for the guidance of the artists who would do the finished job. But the rough sketches were so good that it was tough for the artists to better them. Kilker looked Welch up, and Welch started doing illustrations for the Post, including this one—his first cover. In painting his picture of a father’s Sunday reveille, Welch was drawing on experience with his two daughters.

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