Ellen Ziegler has had articles, essays, poetry, and short stories published in Writers Market 2016, Hudson Valley Magazine, Woman’s World, the Gannett Newspapers, IWWG Network, and numerous literary journals. She has written 25 songs and lyrics performed in NYC clubs and cabarets.
She just completed a middle-grade magic realism novel and is busy taking the reader up a steep cliff in her suspense/romance novel‐in‐progress.
She is a Bd.-certified health and life coach and believes that creativity is key to reducing the inflammation that triggers disease, lack of motivation and focus. Ellen calls these inflammatory triggers “invisible splinters” because they irritate the mind and body.
Proud to be a grandmother, Ellen writes “to get inside myself” and continues to write “to get outside myself.” She is thrilled to be included in The Saturday Evening Post with her short story “Luke Rising.”

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