Cartoons: Things Grandparents Say

adult diaper cartoon

“I wish I could be around when you’re my age. I’d love to see that fashion statement with an adult diaper showing.”
January/February 2013

Pool shark grandma cartoon

“Nothing, thanks. Just browsing.”
March 1967

make your own sandwich cartoon

“Make your own salami sandwich.
These are my leisure years!”
September 1978

football grandmas

“I think you’re mistaken Mavis—I’m quite sure
an offensive lineman can be an eligible receiver
if he lines up as a tight end!”
November 1988

macho grandpa cartoon

“My, don’t you smell macho today.
Is that the liniment the athletes use?”
March 1991

grandma tattoo cartoon

“Honest, Grandma, I can keep a secret. Let me see your Betty Boop tattoo.”
September/October 1998