Cartoons: That’s Entertainment!

Movies and plays can be funny, but sometimes what’s happening in seat next to you is even more hilarious! In these cartoons, humor takes center stage.

Man talking to woman in movie theater
“Pardon me, madam, but isn’t that the same hat you were wearing when I didn’t see Gone With the Wind?”
December 6, 1941


man and woman in a dining hall
“Can’t you miss The Lone Ranger just this once?”
December 6, 1941


Man at ticket booth
“I want my amusement tax back.”
Ned Hilton
December 13, 1941


Man in theater talking to woman
“I’m the producer of this picture – I’m just making a study of your reactions!”
George Wolfe
February 03, 1940


Woman stealing man's seat in theater
January 06, 1945


Man and woman in booth
Tom Henderson
March 25, 1950



Man and woman watching Romeo and Juliet
“How soon does he take the poison?”
Walt Wetterberg
January 13, 1951