Craft Video: Christmas Wreath Ornament

Trim your tree with this adorable little wreath. Watch the video to learn to make the origami Christmas wreath ornament or follow the instructions below.

Christmas Wreath Ornament



  1. Fold 1 green square in half, then open and fold each side of square to center fold line.
  2. Open square and tear each crease to make 4 separate rectangular pieces.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 with remaining 3 green squares. There should be 16 rectangles.
  4. Take 1 green rectangle and fold in half crosswise.
  5. Open, then fold one side of rectangle so top edge meets center fold line. Do the same to other side.
  6. Flip over and fold flap into center to create a small triangle. Do the same to the other side.
  7. Fold each triangle in half to create smaller triangle.
  8. Fold triangle once more to make an even smaller triangle—there should be 2 flaps on one side, and 2 pockets on the other.
  9. Repeat steps 4 through 8 with remaining 15 green rectangles.
  10. Start piecing 16 triangles together: Place flaps of one triangle into pockets of other, alternating colors, until all 16 triangles are put together.
  11. Start to curve pieces into a circle. Connect final 2 triangles to complete circle.
  12. Bead layer of glue on one side of circle to secure pieces. Let dry.
  13. Fold red rectangle in half lengthwise, then open and fold each side to center fold line.
  14. Cut 1 inch from length of rectangle.
  15. With longer piece, make a circle and tuck one side in the other. Wrap 1-inch piece around center of circle. Dab glue to hold in place. Let dry. (This will be the bow for your wreath.)
  16. Dab glue on bow and attach to wreath. Let dry.
  17. Using needle and string, poke hole in top-most corner of wreath and pull string through. Remove needle, and tie knot. Tuck knot in triangle, and hang ornament on tree.