Holiday Ornament Tutorials

Christmas tree ornaments start lining the shelves of stores long before we even celebrate Halloween. The choices are infinite: glass balls, wooden snowflakes, even singing characters. This year, save your money and get creative–make your own ornaments!

We have four ornament crafts to get you started. Each ornament is made from items that you probably have sitting around your house. Click the photos or images below to watch the tutorials and learn to make a three-tiered paper tree, a tinfoil ball, a German bell, and a wreath!

Paper Christmas Tree Ornament

Three Tier Tree

Tinfoil Ball Ornament


German Bell Ornament


Christmas Wreath Ornament


Craft Video: German Bell Ornament

This German bell adds a personal touch to your holiday décor. Watch the video or follow the instructions below.

German Bell Ornament



  1. Take piece of paper and fold in half. Open up and fold in half again.
  2. Open up and fold in half diagonally. Repeat folding the other way.
  3. Open up and fold corner in to meet center fold. Repeat with all four corners of paper.
  4. Push in along four sides to create a four sided star. Push all corners up to meet in a point.
  5. Push bottom out to create shape of bell.
  6. Glue 3 pointed tips together. Let dry.
  7. Place beads on bottom of wire and loop end of wire with pliers to hold in place.
  8. Insert wire through bottom point of bell up through top.
  9. Loop top of the wire to form a hook.
  10. Glue last point to finish.