September/October 2016 Limerick Laughs Winner and Runners-Up


“Interference!” was the referee’s call
When the pup deflected the ball.
“The game can’t go on
Till that mongrel is gone.
We’re not playing fetch after all.”

Congratulations to Karen Meissner of Bothell, Washington! For her outstanding limerick, she wins $25 and our gratitude for this funny and entertaining poem describing Dog on the Field (above) by Lonie Bee. You can enter the Limerick Laughs Contest for our next issue of The Saturday Evening Post through our online entry form.

Karen’s limerick wasn’t the only one we liked. In no particular order, here are some of our other favorite contest entries:

There once was a young mutt named Prince
Who easily vaulted the fence
And catching the ball
Was no trouble at all
But the man in the stripes took offense!

—Harold Long, Cathedral City, California

The home team was taking a whipping,
When a dog from nowhere came ripping
The play was a fumble,
The ref took a tumble,
And the dog was ejected for clipping.

—Dennis Reaves, Oxford, Alabama

Sometimes there is no one at all
To whom I can throw the football.
But one day there was:
The game ended because
It’s my dog who would come when I call.

—“Sue Do Nyhm,” Grenada, Mississippi

When Fido first made his appearance,
The ref’s incline granted him clearance.
For ball-chasing, though,
The ref whistled, “Whoa!”
And benched him for Pooch Interference.

—S.E. Reynolds, Winger, Minnesota

The home team was gaining some traction
Till the mascot got into the action.
The ref made the call,
“No biting the ball!”
And he tagged the pup with an infraction.

—Lisa Timpf, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada

This dog could be a receiver.
Of that I am a believer.
The ref made a call.
The dog got the ball,
Cause he is a pure-bred retriever.

—Angie Gyetvai, Oldcastle, Ontario, Canada

His dignity had definitely flown,
For as he ran through
Most everyone knew
That the pup was the ref’s very own.

—Lyn Tutor, Magee, Mississippi

This dog is the new substitute
He’s not very big, but he’s cute
As he darts to and fro
He’s stealing the show
With a long run and ref in pursuit.

—Chet Cutshall, Willowick, Ohio

In the rulebook that referees wield
Is the penalty for ref-tripping revealed?
It’s most likely not known —
Throw a flag or a bone
For an illegal beagle downfield?

—Ross Steacy, St. Johns, Arizona