Up-cycle Your Green Space

Bird Feeder

Whimsical bird feeders of recycled glassware add a pop of fun and function to your summer landscape. Here’s how to make one for your feathered friends:

1” x 48” hardwood dowel
Whittling knife
Outdoor spray paint
Glass cup, plate, and vase
Super glue
Birdseed and water


  1. Carve one edge of dowel into a point (this will help when placing it in the ground).
  2. Spray-paint dowel, and let dry according to directions on can.
  3. Allow glue to set before gluing each piece: Glue cup to plate, then plate to bottom of vase, then dowel to vase.
  4. When glue is dry, insert dowel about 10-12 inches into ground.
  5. Sprinkle birdseed on plate and fill cup with water as needed.