Cartoons: Wedding Day

Man pushes an offering plate to a wedding attendee.
“Yes, ma’m, it is unusual, but the father of the bride requested it.”
Al Kaufman
September 30, 1950


An angry groom drives from the church with his new bride.
“Well, I hope you’re satisfied…we fooled around in there until I missed five innings of the game!”
Jeff Keate
September 16, 1950


A church parishioner relays the organ player a request he got from the bride.
“Following ‘I now pronounce you man and wife,’ she wants one thundering ‘Hallelujah,’ all stops out.”
July 14, 1951


A bride prods her hesitant groom to answer the priest at the altar during the wedding ceremony.
“Answer him!”
Chon Day
January 20, 1951


The bride's friends chat about her choice of groom.
“A month ago he was just a blur in her rearview mirror.”
December 2, 1950


Two wedding guests talk about how the bride and groom met each other as they are leaving the church.
“They used to ride the same bus every day, and one day it lurched.”
M. Blanchard
October 28, 1950


A wedding planner talks to the bride's mother on what music she would like played as she walks down the aisle.
“What do you want played when you come down the aisle? ‘Hail to the Chief’?”
October 21, 1950


As the married couple's car drives off, the groom turns and tells the children to stop carrying the bride's veil; the children are in a little car following the bride and groom.
“This is far enough — you can go home now!”
Frank Owen
October 14, 1950