Cartoons: Couples

Woman drinking coffee at a kitchen table, asking her husband a question. Her husband has a newspaper over his face.
“They tell me you’re growing a mustache.”
December 14, 1940


A woman and her boyfriend sit on a sofa. She is holding a diamond ring.
“I didn’t say it was a small diamond. I just said it looked like it was all paid for!”
Scott Brown
December 2, 1944


A man stands in a bathroom doorway. The bathtub is full of large soap bubbles. The wife is underneath the bubbles taking a bubble bath
“Alice, speak to me!”
E. Atkins
December 02, 1944


A woman is talking to her surprised husband in an empty room.
“Look, dear, I cleaned up your workroom today.”
Don Tobin


A man and a woman walk from a county clerk, who had the words "Marriage License" over her booth. The man has his hands in his pockets.
“Well, I’ll see you in three days then, huh?”
Bill King
December 27, 1947


A man and a woman are wearing formal dress. They are walking home from dinner.
“That joke of Mr. Pringle’s we all laughed so much over — what was the point?”
Tony Barlow
December 31, 1949


A man is shaving his face in the bathroom. His wife is next to him holding a warm pot and is sticking a spoon full of stew in his face.
“Do you think this needs more salt, dear?”
December 31, 1949


A woman and her friend stand in front of a grave
“Our first 40 years were wonderful. The last ten were basically point and click.”
March 1, 2005


A woman stands with her arms folded, glaring at her fat husband. The man is ordering food at a fast-food counter
“I’m sorry. I thought I wanted a double cheeseburger with fries, but I’ve been informed I really feel like a garden salad.”
July 1, 2005


A woman is speaking at her husband, who is dressed in a business suit and scarf
“Oh, Edward—not the Porsche scarf with the BMW tie!”
August 1, 2012