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Wendy Braun Wendy Braun is the Post medical editor. She often reminds herself that Living Well requires tending to one’s spirit, as well as one’s body.

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Boredom Busters for Pups

Bored dogs are bad dogs. Break the cycle with these four fun and stimulating activities from Claire Arrowsmith.... More

Dog licking its mouth
Dog Food No-Nos

Don't let a simple mistake in diet end in an emergency trip to the vet's office.... More

Track Your Family Health History

Celebrating with far-flung relatives this holiday season? Take some time to gather information about your family’s health history. Here’s how.... More

An Apple a Day

Artist and blogger Jenna Visscher has been painting apples for a cause—finding a cure for her disease, ankylosing spondylitis, the most overlooked cause of persistent... More

Osteoporosis and Your Spine

World Osteoporosis Day is October 20. A one-minute test can help you protect your spine from this debilitating condition. ... More

Watermelon Carvings

Carve up watermelon designs that are as amazing as they are delicious! Hone your skills with these fun how-to videos.... More

Pig on Plate
Team Up for Weight Loss

Tweet more, weigh less? A supportive social network—online or in the office—can help you achieve individual diet goals.... More

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