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Heart shaped price tag with dollar signs
The Groucho Pyramid

When Sarah considers joining a few exclusive New York match-making services, she finds that you actually can put a price tag on love. ... More

The Juggler Part 2

After another great post-date kiss, “The Juggler” drops a dreaded dating cliché. ... More

Close-up of two foamy beer mugs
The Juggler Part 1

Sarah Rose swoons for a dork of the highest order, a math enthusiast and aspiring sci-fi writer whom she calls "The Juggler."... More

Young, wealthy businessman talking on his cellphone and walking
The Corporate Raider

Sarah seeks out a matchmaker to help her with the dating project and winds up on a date with a Wall Streeter more interested in... More

Mr. Adequate

Sarah's date was a bullseye in all the right areas–cute, successful, Jewish–but she soon realized he was also just ... average.... More


A hot date at a swanky hotel bar turns sour when Sarah realizes her dinner companion is a bit...well...paranoid.... More

The Mountain Man

This week, blogger Sarah Rose describes a chance romantic encounter with a man she met on a hiking trail.... More

The Diplomat

A six-month long e-mail romance becomes reality when Sarah's politically-affiliated e-crush suddenly shows up in New York City.... More

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