5-Minute Fitness: Wake Up to Flexibility

Bend, twist, and move better all day with these basic moves.


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Knee-to-Chest Stretch

1 Bring 1 knee to your chest, keeping other leg bent.

2 Take 3 deep breaths, feeling the stretch in your glutes and lower back.

3 Release and repeat with opposite knee.


Knees-to-Chest Stretch

1 Bring both knees to your chest and gently grasp legs.

2 Take 3 deep breaths. Release and relax.


Knee Rolls

1 Slowly roll knees to one side, keeping knees together and shoulders in contact with bed.

2 Take 3 deep breaths. Repeat on opposite side.


Start with 1 set of 3 moves daily. Gradually increase to 3 sets daily as flexibility improves.


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