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Woman at a breakfast table, drinking coffee.
Cartoons: Couples

Add two people and a dash of love. Mix thoroughly. Let sit for 1-50 years. See what bubbles up!  More

Sharks holding up a 'caught' fisherman. One of the sharks is taking a picture of his buddy holding the catch up.
Cartoons: Be a Sport!

Whether they’re hitting the links, the court, or the field, these athletes will exercise your funny bone!  More

Boy blushes behind mother in classroom
Cartoons: School Zone

The topics of school cartoons have changed over the decades, but facts haven’t: school is still (painfully) funny!  More

Cartoons: Digital Daffiness

Whether you love your smartphone or loathe it, you‘ll find something to make you chuckle in these cartoons of digital wit.  More

Cartoons: Baby Blues

Babies are always cute, but they’re not always easy! In these cartoons, people admit their doubts about the diaper-set.  More

Cartoons: Snow Woes

The snow definitely looks pretty, but when it leads to hours of shoveling or a terrible tumble, it’s not so lovely anymore. These cartoons from More

Cartoons: Happy New Year!

It's almost 2017, but these cartoons from the '40s and '50s remind us that people have always observed the new year with varying levels of More

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