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Norman Rockwell Goes to the Dogs

Is the skinny guy a dogcatcher or just some kind of nut? That’s what some locals thought of Rockwell scrounging around town looking for dogs for paintings. Since the Mar/Apr issue of The Saturday Evening Post honors Rockwell, we thought it was only right you knew the truth. Norman Rockwell went to the dogs.  More

Think Pawsitive!

For the patients on the hospice ward, Baxter, a golden retriever/chow mix, became a mobile furry emergency unit, entering in and out of damaged lives with near-flamboyant grace and mercy to provide whatever healing he could.  More

My Dog Let Me Down

My dog let me down. Or so it seemed. I know that man’s best friend is above reproach. And I may have just made a false accusation. But let me tell you exactly what happened …  More

Zoffa on My Mind

Two days ago my dog Zoffa (shepherd mix) and I were at the vet’s office. She was eagerly pawing at the door, signaling her wishes to vacate the premises! I was expecting to hear that her eye infection was healing nicely. But instead, our longtime veterinarian said, “I don’t like what I’m feeling.” My throat […]  More
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