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Think Pawsitive!

For the patients on the hospice ward, Baxter, a golden retriever/chow mix, became a mobile furry emergency unit, entering in and out of damaged lives with near-flamboyant grace and mercy to provide whatever healing he could. ... More

My Dog Let Me Down

My dog let me down. Or so it seemed. I know that man’s best friend is above reproach. And I may have just made a false accusation. But let me tell you exactly what happened … ... More

Zoffa on My Mind

Two days ago my dog Zoffa (shepherd mix) and I were at the vet’s office. She was eagerly pawing at the door, signaling her wishes to vacate the premises! I was expecting to hear that her eye infection was healing nicely. But instead, our longtime veterinarian said, “I don’t like what I’m feeling.” My throat […] ... More
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