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felt heart-shaped ornament

Felt Heart Ornament

Invest in these homemade ornaments instead of the store bought variety and you’ll have cute decorations that are useable year-round.  More

Classic Covers: Love Hurts

Valentine’s Day reminds us that, as Shakespeare put it, “The course of true love never did run smooth.” Sad, yes—but it made for some great cover art.  More
Valentine Vision

Valentine Vision

Valentine’s Day is a day to appreciate the love in your life. Romantic or platonic, love is “what makes the world go round.” As a child, I recall exchanging valentines with classmates, followed by a small celebration. As a teenager, I remember one evening my dad and I were the only ones home (a rarity […]  More

Roses are Red

In the 17th century, “it was the Saint Valentine’s custom for a girl to declare her choice of sweethearts that morning, in the expectation of receiving a gift from him,” according to the article “Roses are Red” that appeared in the February 17, 1940 issue of The Saturday Evening Post. On Valentine’s Day, flowers, cards, […]  More
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