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Shingles rash

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An attack of shingles (caused by the reactivated chickenpox virus, which usually stays dormant in people who had the disease) is typified by burning pain and sensitive skin, followed by a blistering rash that takes weeks to resolve. The antiviral drugs acyclovir, valacyclovir, and famciclovir may reduce symptoms if started within three days of getting the rash. Pain relievers such as gabapentin (Neurontin), pregabalin (Lyrica), and a combination of acetaminophen and hydrocodone (Vicodin) may also be prescribed, especially when severe pain lingers after the rash clears. Qutenza, a new prescription patch for nerve pain, is applied by a doctor and delivers a synthetic form of capsaicin, the chemical found in chili peppers. To prevent shingles, the Zostavax vaccine is recommended for those over 60 who have had chickenpox. When an unvaccinated person develops shingles, the shot may be given after the rash heals to prevent a recurrence. If you suspect shingles, see a doctor.

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  1. In February 1983, I saw and heard Dr. SerVass tell Pat Roberson on the ‘700 Club’ that she had evidence that ingesting 1 gram of L-Lysine per day would likely prevent cancer. Then in the May 1983 edition of the SatEvePost. results from the Sepember 1982 ‘Cancer Victims Survey’ were released…..there something more than 9,000 returned surveys indicated that more than 650 cancer victims were taking at least 1 gram of L-Lysine and 0 had had any further cancer problem. Its hard to get the SatEvePost to confirm that now. (March 15, 2011

  2. Having had attacks of shingles from stress and/or diet of excess acidity I tried taking L-lysine amino acid for maintenance and to control and heal breakouts over the past 20 plus years. There was an article about the Medical Society having 400 mice preconditioned to cancers caused by the virus. You fed 200 of the mice a regular mouse diet and only gave the other 200 a diet of High L-lysine corn, a hybrid developed by Purdue University. The regular diet mice all were dead ,while all of the 200 mice fed the high L-lysine corn diet lived. Subcequent articles were written on using L-lysine for other conditions of herpes simplex outbreaks like fever blisters, cancer sores in the mouth and shingles. I have used L-lysine tablets for all of the conditions and over the years found it to be most satifactory, safe and reliable.You offered bags of the High L-lysine Cornmeal through your Medical Society for a period of time, to which I and my husband subscribed until it became available through ArrowHead Mills. Sadly they have stopped production over the past decade.
    I have told many sufferers about L-lysine and whenever they have tried it, have thank me as it gave them relief. I am now going to be 74 years old tomorrow, June 15th, and where I only needed to take 2-3000 mg of L-lysine daily in the beginning for maintenance, due to a severe attack in a unexpected and different location that became full blown before it was diagnoised as shingles, I now take 5000mg daily.
    (3x 500mg in the am and late pm and 4x 500mg at noon). I rarely have an outbreak, but as soon as I sense a slight itching and/or a redness appearing, I will at least double my intake daily to 10-12000mg a day for three days, and then come off 500-1000mg a day over 10 days to my normal intake. Within 48 -72 hours; all pain and discomfort of the shingles has ceased and a scabing of the forming blisters has begun. The ulceration period is skipped and total healing usually occurs within a 14 day period rather than the 21 plus days of a normal outbreak. However,the greatest benefit is the lack of the normal pain and discomfort of most outbreaks. Also there has not been any residual nerve pain that can follow for months.
    I would like to acquire copies of all related articles from your archives as they are not here present to acquire, if at all possible. I am one who forever grateful for the information the MedicalSociety provided me personally, to receive an inexpensive and readily available solution to a major health issue in my life.

    Thank youfor your help. Sherry J Tucker

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