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The Saturday Evening Post will award $100 to the author of the winning limerick for this picture.

A couple bowling on a date.

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Due to a clerical error, the runners-up for the Mar/Apr 2011 Limerick Laughs contest will not be posted to the website. We apologize to those of you who submitted poems and were hoping to see them in print. In the future, we plan to post the top 10 limericks for each issue. Keep those submissions coming!

The Saturday Evening Post will award $100 to the author of the winning limerick for this picture.

Limericks must contain five lines. Entries will not be returned. Enter as many times as you wish.

The May/Jun 2011 Limerick Laughs winner will be announced in the Sep/Oct 2011 issue. Entries must be postmarked by June 3.

Send entries on a postcard to:
Limerick Laughs
The Saturday Evening Post
1100 Water way Blvd.
Indianapolis, IN 46202

We extend our congratulations and $100 to Steve Boneske, Greenfield Center, New York, for the Jan/Feb 2011 winning entry.

Take your medicine by George Hughes
Take Your Medicine
George Hughes
September 23, 1950

Dad’s ready to show how it’s done,
Gets an uneasy look from his son.
Mom whispers, “My dear,
You have nothing to fear.”
If he felt better, he’d get up and run!

Honorable mentions

The boy shies away with lips pursed,
So Dad says, “Hero! I’ll try it first!”
With eyes tightly closed,
Body stiff head to toes,
It’s quite clear he’s expecting the worst.

—Mary Beth Benecke, Columbus, Ohio

Brave dad is showing his son
To take your medicine on day one!
You’ll get well real quick,
No longer be sick,
And be out with friends having fun.

—Naomi Rogerson, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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  1. Here’s another just for fun:

    Here’s Marv at the bowling alley
    So sure that he can beat Sally.
    She rolls down the pike,
    Ends up with a strike,
    While Marv gets a zero to tally!

  2. This limerick written by me, is not a contest entry. I wrote it just for fun and would like to share it with the Post readers just to raise a few laughs.

    Went bowlin’, he did, for a prize,
    “Watch me!”, he declared to the guys…
    A lady – while bowlin’,
    Sent all nine-pins rollin’…
    And cut our young hero to size.

  3. Is the photo pictured for the contest ending June 3rd the same picture that was used in the contest that ended Feb. 28th?

  4. (Disclosure – I submitted an entry on this one)

    Comment on the winning entry:
    Why would the son have something to fear?


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