Pre-Prime Minister Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher left an impact on British politics and society—evident even before she became Britain’s first woman prime minister.

Margaret Thatcher

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Margaret Thatcher
Click image to read the full 1975 article “Margaret Thatcher—Britain’s First Lady Prime Minister?”

Back in 1975, four years before she became prime minister, Margaret Thatcher was profiled in a Post article, which was farsightedly titled “Britain’s First Lady Prime Minister?” At the time, Thatcher was a high-ranking member of Britain’s Tory party.

Those in her party who questioned whether a woman could lead the British government were startled to find her decisive and determined and, as the Russians soon dubbed her, the “Iron Lady.”

She held onto the prime ministership for 11 years and, like her friend Ronald Reagan, significantly reshaped British politics and society.

Click here to read “Margaret Thatcher—Britain’s First Lady Prime Minister?” in full.

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