The Story of a College Football Fix

In 1963, the Post ran an exposé that charged two college coaches of fixing a football game.

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On March 23, 1963 the Post ran an exposé on college football, The Story of a College Football Fix, charging that James Wallace “Wally” Butts Jr.—the University of Georgia’s athletic director and former football coach—had given away game secrets to Alabama head coach Paul “Bear” Bryant that affected the outcome of a 1962 Georgia-Alabama game.

“The corrupt here were not professional ballplayers gone wrong …,” the story reads. “The corrupt were not disreputable gamblers, as in the scandals continually afflicting college basketball. The corrupt were two men–Butts and Bryant–employed to educate and to guide young men.” As a result, both Bear Bryant and Wally Butts sued the Post for libel, each man asking for $10 million in damages.

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