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Baseball season opened this week, so we've put together a half-century of baseball covers for fans of the game.


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From opening day to the World Series, it’s the fans who make the game. Nearly 75 million Americans will buy a ticket to a ball game this season, and millions more will watch baseball on TVs and mobile devices. Monday marked a record-breaking viewership: 60 million fans accessed Major League Baseball apps to watch season openers.

Here’s a cover collection for those dedicated fans whose enduring passion for the game has made baseball a national pastime.

More for baseball lovers: Check out our Baseball Special Collector’s Edition, which includes the illustrations below and dozens more, plus rare photos and interviews with baseball greats.

A look at Baseball on the covers of The Saturday Evening Post (click on the covers to see larger image):

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  1. Thank you Post Editors for this great baseball feature today on the website, AND The Baseball Special Edition softcover book. I ordered a second copy last year because someone ‘permanently borrowed’ my first copy. I’m fairly certain I know who did it, but to keep peace in the family (and to keep things from getting awkward) I took the high road, up to a point.

    Not one with an aversion to playing the guilt card when he needs to, I may ask certain family members (generically) that if they should see my POST Baseball Book, I really miss it and would like to have it back. I just don’t know what could have happened to it…


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