Winner Announced: Vote for Your Favorite Rockwell

The U.S. saw Norman Rockwell’s art on The Saturday Evening Post cover for the first time on May 20, 1916 — almost 100 years ago. To celebrate the centennial, over the next five weeks, we’re sharing 32 of his iconic illustrations — and asking you to vote for your favorite!


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Thanks for playing Rockwell March! The U.S. saw Norman Rockwell’s art on The Saturday Evening Post cover for the first time on May 20, 1916 — almost 100 years ago. To celebrate the upcoming anniversary, we shared 32 of his iconic illustrations on our Rockwell bracket — and asked you to vote for your favorite.

We gathered votes from Facebook, Pinterest, and our website. It was a tough, five-week-long battle, and in the end, Rockwell’s Freedom from Want came out on top! To see the winner close up, just click on the bracket below or scroll down to view each Rockwell contender individually.

Click to enlarge and view the winner up close.
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Click the numbers below to view the Rockwell contenders up close:




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  1. #26! It’s just a picture of the way things were “back in the day”, that has always appealed to me—since it first appeared on the cover and in reprints thru the years.

  2. I vote for #9. While I am very thankful for, and a very strong proponent and supporter of, our local police/sheriff officers (along with other first and second responders) represented very exquisitely by Rockwell’s #29, I vote for #9… Thanks Giving!

    *We THANKS GIVE to God for the rights He gave us!
    *We THANKS GIVE to our uniformed forces who protect those rights for us from those people/forces (both foreign and domestic) who would try to prevent us from receiving and exercising those rights!
    *We THANKS GIVE to our friends and family {and those who are both} for enriching our lives!
    *We THANKS GIVE for those folks who, like Rockwell, brighten our lives with their God-given skills and abilities!

  3. Freedom from want allows us to do most everything,…….including “running away from home” !!!


  5. Vote #26. We need to feel like our law enforcement personnel are here to help us.

  6. #9 since there are many memories this cover brings back from my childhood. Am now 68.

  7. #9

    A reminder of how grateful we need to be for family and food we have to share. Many poor people and country’s have never had this opportunity.

  8. Between these 2,#9 is my choice. But I’ve been a lover and collector of
    “Everything Rockwell” for YEARS, and ALL of his works are my choice.

  9. Number 9. Each one of the four freedom covers should be considered as national treasures. I think one of the reasons that the voting was tilted away from them was that the millennial’s and baby boomers don’t remember conditions during World War II. Norman Rockwell presented us with those wonderful 4 freedoms covers. They gave hope to a very difficult time in our history.

  10. # 9 This beautiful image provides a visual reminder: the essence of all that is good in life…

  11. #9! The best one that Rockwell produced that year!..

    I was selling SEP magazines at that time in Aurora, Illinois. Always sold out within two hours! I won the “best seller” award that year and received a Thanksgiving TURKEY for my family. It was a fantastic gift, for my Father had just lost his job and we “kids” were told that there would be no Thanksgiving Turkey that year. Hooray for the Saturday Evening Post!

  12. 26 – I think it also represents our law enforcement today. In spite of the bad publicity a few of them have generated, these men and women are here to protect and honor our citizens.

  13. #9 All the values that make us a great nation are so well depicted in this painting. May they abide with us always.

  14. still #9 as it represents fundamental American values; family and giving thanks

  15. still #( as it represents our basic American values; family and giving thanks

  16. #9 What a wonderful commentary it is on Norman Rockwell’s ability to touch us that at each round, the choice has been difficult to make…. 🙂

  17. Numbers 9 and 26 are my choices, although there are no ‘bad’ ones!

  18. 32 is my favorite. The boy is finding love, but the poor little dog feels he has lost everything. Little does he know that things will get much better for him with a girl involved.

  19. Number 9 because it was one of the WW II posters. I have an original copy of the set of freedoms from the War Department

  20. #14, then #32 Both are about acceptance; one innocent, the other learned.

  21. Number 14 embodies all the emotions, the ideals, and the greatness of this country when we embrace this concept.

  22. Still voting for #9 ; giving thanks and thankful for all those that enable us to enjoy our freedoms; including our Maker

  23. In our current day / age, I vote for #26 to reaffirm the fact that the majority of our policemen are in the profession to help and make a difference in people’s lives.

  24. #9 – a spiritual favorite of mine,. Family, friends – gathered to dine with peace and gratitude in kind.

  25. There are not any Rockwell pictures that do not go straight to the heart – this is a very difficult job to pick out one only. But #26 is my vote

  26. My favorite is # 18. If you want to know why, just read my name again. If that does not ring a bell, Google it.

  27. #14, but need to make the words standout more. This is something we all need to be reminded of in today’s environment.

  28. #29 reminds me of my family. We would go to the beach all day, and come home exhausted.

  29. I’m surprised that one of the 4 freedoms didn’t make it past the 2nd round but I’ll stay with the concept. Number 14 – The Golden Rule.

  30. Email received list 5, 11, 15; but this web page shows eight, NOT including #11. Freedoms among Rockwell’s best, thus I vote for #11 (religious freedom). If 11 not available, then vote for 14 (Golden Rule).

  31. #14 This topic should be on everyone’s “to do” list.

    It must have been important to Mr. Rockwell Isn’t he in it?

  32. #14, is wonderful and I wish the world was like that.
    #32, is so romantic and sweet and innocent.
    #15, is how school used to be and should be today.

    They all make me long for the “Good Old Days”

  33. I have always liked #26 and even more so now with law enforcement all too often being cast as the villains. As a retired law enforcement officer, I know the majority got into that field because they cared.

  34. #14 – “The Golden Rule” (Matthew 7:12) It is ageless.

    From Wikipedia: The Golden Rule or ethic of reciprocity is a moral maxim or principle of altruism found in many human cultures and religions, suggesting it may be related to a fundamental human nature. The maxim may appear as either a positive or negative injunction governing conduct: * One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself (positive or directive form). * One should not treat others in ways that one would not like to be treated (negative or prohibitive form). * What you wish upon others, you wish upon yourself (empathic or responsive form).

    Rodney King may have said it best “Can’t we all just get along?”

  35. Still like No. 15 Happy Birthday Miss Jones for same reason as before. Mom and Dad were grade school teachers, Mom starting in the 1959-1960 school year, and Dad starting in the 1960-1961 school year. Mom started teaching in her late 30’s and Dad started teaching in his early 40’s, having been farmers before becoming teachers in the Clinton, IL school district.

  36. # 9 At the core of all things good in our world, country, communities one finds families…Families humbly and gratefully counting their blessings while seeking to create same for others…

  37. #14 says everything we need to know about ourselves and others. We can’t do anything alone.

  38. I like a lot of them but my favorite had to be the Gossip as it so reminds of the game “telephone” which was so cute to play as you never new how it would end up

  39. All are truly excellent but #9 is my favorite with #5 close behind…say what you will of those that fondly remember the past. It was good and fun and Rockwell captured that essence perfectly. One of the Twentieth Centuries greatest opinion makers.

  40. I love number 14, ( The Golden Rule) this picture depicts the way we all should live. It’s just a dream, but hey dreams do come true. Who Knows. Number 3 (Before the Shot) is another of my choices, just reminds me of being little.

  41. 29. The family in illustration number 29 was exactly like my family growing up .

  42. #29 for this bunch; we’ve all “been there, done (& suffered thru) that”! Actually, Rosie the Riveter WAS my fav but I see she got knocked off the ballot so I will go with this second choice!

  43. #9 All of Mr. Rockwell’s paintings are treasures. To me, the Thanksgiving scene not only celebrates us at our best, it also is a faithful reminder of what our best should be.

  44. #29 Reminds me of trips to Grandma and Grandpa’s farm in our 1934 Plymouth with Mom, Dad, and my six brothers and sisters.

  45. 23, I gave a copy of this picture to a friend of mine. She has had a very hard and difficult time and this picture reminds me of her. She keeps it on her refrigerator. She says it inspires her to keep going no matter what comes her way.

  46. Number 5 shows how far we have strayed from person-to-person communication, with our devices and social media. May have been gossip, but no cyber hacking.

  47. I hold strongly to # 11. Freedom of religion as it was interpreted by Norman Rockwell is represented by many different religions side-by-side as it was intended in the Constitution of the United States of America. This has to be the 1st element in all of the freedom series, without freedom of religion none of the others can serve all the people all the time.

  48. ‘Before the shot’ has been my favorite forever. When my son was little he hated to get a shot. So this always reminds me of that, and he’s 49 now.

  49. #9 Thanksgiving is my favorite. Strong family ties, and reverent gratitude for our good fortune: those are among the best of our finest attributes.

  50. It’s difficult not to choose # 10 & # 11 since they are under assault in our country today. The Rockwwell paintings were absolutely from a better time.

  51. 9 10 11. I enjoyed every picture he did. They all tell a story of
    of thanksgiving, medical care, family fun and care, serviced to our country.

    Thank you for the quality of your magazine.

  52. #29 Has got to be my all-time favorite Rockwell. The family pictured on Cover #29 was Exactly like my family growing up. Even the personalities match.


  53. #9 It is great to see the family together for a meal, because in this fast passé world we live in families don’t eat together that often.

  54. I don’t find my choice: “Coming and Going,” #29, but it remains my favorite. It so accurately depicts the American Family during that era of the late 1940’s.

  55. #17 – Self-Portrait.

    Disney used this concept with Walt and Mickey, and in a very clever way.

  56. #3 The first Rockwell I ever saw, and i still remember it hanging on the wall in my pediatrician’s office we we went to get our shots!!!

  57. Number 26 Picture of my Dad sharing a soda
    and a”chat” with my little brother when he ran away to our grandfather’s house, all he packed in his hobo sack was underwater. True story!!! I gave my parents that cover framed years ago.When both our parents died in 1985, unexpectedly, I brought the picture home with me, and gave it to my brother as a “gift” from Mom and Dad. I know that they would want him to have the delightful Rockwell print.

  58. I chose no. 32 because my wife were married for 66 years, my wife passed away 3years ago !

  59. #11
    Mr. Rockwell captured the spiritual intensity, devotion and deep faith of believers.

  60. I was married for 66 years and my wife passed away 3 years ago so naturly I picked no. 32 thank you !

  61. 14. When I was in college in Chicago in 1960, some of the students were going to a “Key Club”. I asked my close friend, Jesse, if he would like to go. He said quietly, “I can’t go.” I knew immediately that it was because he was Black, which shocked me because being from the North, I wasn’t aware of discrimination. So, I never went to the Key Club.

  62. 14. In 1960, I was in college in Chicago. Some of the students were going to a Key Club. When I found out that it meant “for whites only,” from one of my close “black” friends at the college, I refused to go.

  63. Good morning,
    I just received your latest e-mail magazine. That’s really neat about having a voting for your favorite painting.

    I’m really writing to let you know of an unusual happening. You mention in the opening paragraph of your e-mail that March 20, 1916 was the first that Norman Rockwell paintings appeared in the Saturday Evening Post. I have an aunt, Lillian Dickson-Hallarn-Rockwell, that was born March 10, 1916 and recently we celebrated her 100th birthday. Actually we haven’t quit yet. The Columbus Dispatch in Columbus, OH came to her exercise class and created a video with an interview as well as the main topic in their newspaper, The Columbus Dispatch. The Lancaster Eagle Gazette, Lancaster, OH also ran an article on their front page. I would be happy to send you a copy of the article but I didn’t see any place here to attach it. I thought that you might enjoy this similarity.

    Thanks for the great articles,

    Ralph Howes

  64. I WAS A SEP salesman when I was very young. Sold them to many, many people in Aurora, Illinois. My favorite has always been # 11: Freedom of Worship. I had more favorable comments about THAT cover than from any other. I was the TOP salesman in the Illinois area, and won a Thanksgiving Turkey for my family!

  65. They are all very wonderful, nostalgic covers. My favorite is #5. My Aunt Cordelia, Bennington, VT. is the second lady shown in “The Gossips”. Others I like are #11, #26.

  66. #1.This one’s a favorite because I was a Post editor at the time, and an article of mine is in this issue. (P.S. I’m still in touch with the subject of the article.).

  67. #29 I have always suspected Norman Rockwell of eavesdropping on my family when he painted cover #29. My family was EXACTLY like that one. I was the blonde girl blowing bubbles in the back. My twin brother, cool and sophisticated, leaning out the back window and my bratty younger brother taunting the kids left behind. Mama even dressed my brothers alike in identical stripped shirts. Meanwhile, my brown-haired baby sister always sat on Mama’s lap in the front. We even had a grandfather who lived with us and a dog named Prince.

  68. I just love to see them all. i visited the Norman rockwell Museum, and enjoyed it very much. It is very hard to pick a favorite. He has been a fovorite of mine for many years.

  69. If we vote for only one, my vote is #23. We met the young girl at the Rockwell Museum in Arlington, VT in 1988. She was in her 80s. She was a warm and cheerful lady and she only had wonderful things to say about Rockwell. She told us she was the girl in the Boy Scouts – Johnstown flood painting. Her mother had put up her pretty curls and Rockwell said, “But, my dear, this is a flood.” He took her to the sink and washed away the curls. She also told us about the hung jury painting in which the one girl would not give in. It was a true story and Rockwell was on the jury. But it was a man. He was stubborn until the midnight bells rang. Then he agreed but said he wanted to be paid for another day.

  70. I vote for 10. It is such an important statement in this election year and in the importance of our constitution’s bill of rights.

  71. Evangeline
    I love all of Rockwell’s work but I get the feel good feeling when I see #26 and #32. Wish I can turn back the time.

  72. 23 One day my brother made me angry. I think I was about 9 or 10. A couple from our church told my Mom the next Sunday that they had driven to our house to visit but I was “pounding Ronnie in the ground” so they decided it was not a good time to stop. I did not look as bad as this girl but she made me proud.

  73. 24 – Saying grace

    I’ve always liked this one and the Thanksgiving one.

  74. 26 Because it always shows the positive image of an authority figure and my father was a policeman, as both Grandfathers and 2 brothers!

  75. 9

    The Thanksgiving Feast is not just a big dinner. It is a time to give thanks for family, and the wonderful experience of being alive. Norman Rockwell has woven those threads so beautifully into his painting.

  76. 26 Helping others is tantamount to our society. This is a good picture of how it could be, and at one time was.

  77. #7. It is the one that I think of when I think of Norman Rockwell. Perhaps it’s the one I’ve seen so often when I took my daughters to the doctor when they were younger.

  78. Number 11 speaks about the fabric that makes the United States of America what we know and love. I have never seen another illustrator accomplish this.

  79. Reminds me of when my Dad came home after occupying Tokio Japan

    I Vote for # 16

  80. Hard to choose just one they are all soooo great, but I finally settled on Shiner, reminds me of someone I use to know.

  81. I love all of his work but especially all of his “Freedoms”….however, as I was a “preteen (12) back in 1943, his Rosie, the Riveter–#27–strikes home with me the most! We girls thought she was absolutely “IT”!!!

  82. 17

    Because it illustrates his ability to turn the ordinary into extraordinary. His work wasn’t just “artistic” but often was thought-provoking and stirred my emotions.

  83. I have # 26 hanging on my wall, but 10,11,&14 would have the biggest impact today. Wasn’t it wonderful when we could proudly boast about our freedoms.

  84. This charming cover depicts what families should be doing more often.Maybe this world would be in a better place.

  85. My vote is for #14. Mr Rockwell saw it as a need in his day and it’s still
    a need in ours. Hard to choose.. they are all great!

  86. My choice is #14. Mr. Rockwell saw we needed this in his day and it is what
    we still need in ours.. Agree, there is not a bad one in the whole bunch!!

  87. Sadly,it is just as true today. Even if done humorously, truth is represented in Number 5.

  88. # 32 May we all and the love of our life keep that special feeling for another as in the “little spooners”

  89. I like Nos. 9,10,11. I recall when they came out in the middle of WWII. i felt it gave us all hope for the future and reminded us all of what we were fighting for.

  90. I vote for #9 Freedom From Want. It reminds me of our dinner table when I was younger

  91. All the Rockwell pictures are so wonderful that it is hard to choose one, but one of my favorites is number 14. It would be wonderful to repeat it with all the comments on television distracting people.


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