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Write a caption for Norman Rockwell's "Rosie the Riveter" for a chance to be published in the upcoming issue of The Saturday Evening Post!

Rosie the Riveter
Rosie the Riveter
Norman Rockwell

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The U.S. saw Norman Rockwell’s art on The Saturday Evening Post cover for the first time on May 20, 1916 — almost 100 years ago. To celebrate the upcoming anniversary, we asked you to write a caption for Norman Rockwell’s Rosie the Riveter. Below are the five caption finalists.

To vote, simply type the number of the caption you like best in the comments below. The caption with the most votes will be published in the July/August issue of The Saturday Evening Post!

Voting closes Monday, May 30.

Click on the images below to view all 5 caption finalists:

Rosie the Riveter first appeared on the cover May 29, 1943 and appears on the cover of our latest special collector’s edition which features 70 years of cover illustration from our archive. Learn more about the real Rosie, model Mary Doyle Keefe, here.

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  1. # 4 very true-they got their strength through a few rations and lost of prayers.

  2. I vote for Number 3 because it specifies the era when I believe the woman in the picture was in the army. Defeating the Nazis is more important than bringing home the bacon which was Number 1. The picture has appeal to me because it is showing that women can do it too.

  3. #5 The caption most closely relates to the subject and at the same time humanizes her personality.

  4. # 3 Women will do whatever is necessary to defend their home and familes.

  5. #3, women were active “soldiers” in WWII on the front lines, at home raising children alone, keeping families fed, clothed, and working to in a variety of roles supporting the war effort. Women were the ‘behind the scenes’ strength of the war effort, America’s Women Power

  6. It’s All In A Day’s Work
    Or #4 – that’s what the image is featuring

  7. I am glad I am not the judge of this contest – 97% of all of the above are heartfelt captions – Thanks to all of the above for thinking deep in their brains and hearts so I could read them….

  8. “My arms are stronger than your swastikas!”

    St. Paul, Minnesota

  9. I sit and stand up for America The Beautiful!

    James Levay
    133 Adela St.
    St.Augustine, FL 32086

  10. “Well, hey there little fella. You know, dogs aren’t allowed in here, but there was a time when women weren’t either. Want to share my sandwich?”

  11. Don’t bother me….I’m on my lunch break!!!

    Carole Gilbert
    Trenton, NJ

  12. I”ll have to talk to my husband about these bologna sandwiches.

  13. “Gender,shmender! We’re all fightin’ for the same cause!”

    St. Paul, Minnesota

  14. “Yes, my name is Rosie. I’m the best #%@* Riveter in this shipyard.”

  15. ” Perpetual strength is my Main Purpose every moment of each day.”

    ” I believe focus on good purpose is a must every moment of the day.”

  16. “Never underestimate the enemy? HAH! NEVER ever underestimate the American woman.

  17. “When it comes to protecting freedom, I’m ready to rock, rattle and rivet!”

    St. Paul, Minnesota

  18. …” Anything you can do. I can do better. ”
    “NO YOU CAN”T/
    YES I CAN/
    YES//////////////////// I CAN///////////////” ha ha

  19. “Stomp out the Nazis? It’s as easy as eating a ham sandwich!”

  20. “Of course I’m good at what I do! What else did you expect?”

    Catonsville, MD

  21. Showing off those muscles I’ve earned helping my country on my lunch hour!

  22. “I’ll help you hand the Axis a “riveting” loss, G.I. Joe !”

  23. Norman, you are a true artistic genius!

    Thomas Tykodi
    Pataskala, Ohio

  24. These arms, that made the arms, that saved Western Civilization, are armed now.

  25. “Even though men see me as riveting, I’m still unattached.”

  26. “They love me now, but what’s gonna happen when the war is over and the boys come home?”

  27. That’s OK boys! Anything you can do I can do better, I can do anything better than you!

  28. “My job is to put things together, but I myself am unattached.”

  29. “They love me now, but will they want me when the war is over?”

  30. “I’ve been told I have a riveting personality. Do I take that as a compliment or not?”

  31. If I had as much Bologna in this sandwich as there is in this election, I could feed the free world!

  32. Excuse me…..Never! I said Never underestimate the American woman.

  33. I work this riveting gun so our troops can out gun the axis.

    Bill Engle
    Ellicott City, MD

  34. Once we’ve taken care of Hitler, we can continue the real battle
    for equality.

  35. “Whether woman or man, they all had a plan, to keep America strong for as long as tyranny threatened the land.”

  36. See boys, we can rivet as well as you can plus our rivets keep America strong and together.

  37. “You think you know better than ME what the best lunch is
    for a strong, working woman? THAT’S BALONEY!”

  38. Rosie the real Rolemodel: riveted and rocked for America!

  39. No way! Stay away! Food’s fuel for my day.
    One rivet at a time keeps the enemy at bay.
    I’m supporting our troops, the American way.

    Colette Sasina
    Summerfield, FL

  40. Even heroes have to have a lunch break!
    Amy Adams
    Torrington, Connecticut

  41. I’m proud of my part in keeping America Strong
    clyve baade


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