Cartoons: Dining Out

With these restaurant cartoons, laughter is always on the menu!


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With these restaurant cartoons, laughter is always on the menu!


A diner and a waiter in a restaurant
Henry Syverson
December 25, 1948



Restaurant patrons pay a bill
“Nonsense – you’re our gue… uh, well, here’s our half.”
Walter Goldstein
January 1, 1949



A mother and her daughter at a diner. Patrons wait behind them while the daughter finishes eating.
“I have a terrible time getting her to eat more slowly!”
Tom Hudson
January 1, 1949



A waiter with a bruised eye speaks to dinner patrons
“I’m sorry, sir… I don’t give suggestions any more.”
December 31, 1949



A waiter speaks to a diner patron
“Sir, do you want that businessman’s lunch with an olive or a twist of lemon peel?”
Bob Schroeter
January 5, 1963



A woman speaks to her date at at restaurant table
“I’d better be getting home now, Herbert—my interest rate is dropping.”
February 1, 2013



A restaurant patron speaks to his waiter while holding up a ketchup bottle. There's a huge pile of katchup on the table in front of the patron.
“Honest! All I did was tap the bottle twice!”
April 1, 2002



Restaurant patrons sit at a dinner table. The waiter presents a plate with a ball in a catcher's mitt.
“Who ordered the ‘catch of the day’?”
Bill Maul
February 1, 2009



Waiter talks to dinner patrons with wine-stained, bare feet
“This is one of our most recent vintages.”
Roy Delgado
September 1, 2011


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