Cartoons: Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days of Summer

Get ready for beach days and cookouts with our summer cartoons.


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Get ready for beach days and cookouts with our summer cartoons.

Flower truck getting gas
“Five gallons of gas, check the oil, and a little water on the tulips, please.”
July 16, 1949


Husband burning food on a grill
“One medium, one medium rare, one medium well, one very well, one just between medium and medium rare, one almost rare…”
June 12, 1954


Man in a Kitchen
“Come now—we’ve had heat waves before!”
August 2, 1958


Grown man drinking in kiddie pool
“How are things ashore?”
July 16, 1960


Man drowning another man in shallow water
“Horace, this is neither the time nor the place to discuss politics.”
August 20, 1960


Man trying on a Hawaiian shirt
“I don’t want to be critical, dear, but it does make you look like a damned fool.”
May 27, 1961


Couple fishing
“If he rams the boat, we’re finished.”
June 10, 1961


Couple sitting in a flower bed
“…you were saying something about the problems of excess leisure time…”
July 1, 1967


Woman shopping for clothes
July/August 2003

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  1. There is not a page in your magazine that I can’t find something interesting

  2. These are all great selections. The wife’s “steak orders” in # 2 reminds me of how some (not all) $tarbucks customers love rattling off specifically detailed, phony, cliched coffee/beverage orders to the barista!

    # 9 (being from ’67) does ring true to life. I remember my Mom and her friends talking about how they enjoyed their leisure time! Her hair was high with Aqua Net*. She’d complain about her friends wearing mini-skirts (age inappropriate) while she had a daisy print one on herself; with matching daisy sandals!

    It sounds odd to say, but I kind of got a kick out of how she’d contradict herself, not always, but a lot of the time; especially when my dad would say “what”? taking his glasses off! I miss her so much, and would give anything now just to see her for even 10 minutes before she got Parkinson’s. All the fun was replaced with worry, stress and profound sadness about her falling and injuring herself between 2007-2013.


    (*My friends and I would light a match at the Aqua Net’s nozzle and use it as a blowtorch on bugs in the backyard. If too much was used, I’d use my allowance to buy an identical replacement can so she wouldn’t be suspicious. She wasn’t. Of course I soon learned to just buy my own can for going after the bugs. A boyhood memory from the leisurely summer of ’67, long ago.)


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